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Pantry Pests Found In Stored Food

Pantry pests are some of the most annoying pests that you can find in your home. More specifically, they are some of the worst pests that you can find roaming around in your kitchen. Think about a time where you went into your pantry, grabbed your bag of sugar, opened it to only find out that it is no longer usable. Why? Because it’s infested!

Pantry pests can ruin many of your food items no matter where they are stored. They always seem to find a way to get in your containers, especially if you forget to seal them. That is why you must make sure you take the necessary steps to ensure pantry pests are kept away from your home. 

What are Pantry Pests?

Pantry pests are insect pests that infest any stored food items that are in pantries, cupboards, and even drawers. They feast on any food they can reach whether it be a crumb or an entire bag of flour. Some of the more common foods they feast on are:


It can be any type of sugar, such as brown or white sugar. They are all fair pickings for pests. 


Spices and seasonings are also popular food items for pantry pests as little drops of powder and crumbs can be found around them. 

Dried Fruit

Any dried fruit such as dried banana chips are enticing to pantry pests. 

Nuts and Seeds

Almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and many more can harbor pests.  


A bag of flour that is exposed can quickly become infested if a pest can find a way into it. They may even hide out in your flour until you scoop it out and find a couple of them scurrying around. 


Pantry pests will even feast on rice if they have the opportunity to. 


The sweet sugary smell and taste of cereal can draw many pests to it. 

Many of these foods are stored in containers and in hard to reach places that pantry pests can still reach and get into. Once inside the food source, they begin to eat and breed. This can result in your other food items becoming infested as well. How do they get into your home though?

Pantry pests are devious in that they can get into your home in many different ways. They can come through openings in your home and head towards your food. Heck, they can even be found in your food at the store you buy them from! That is why you must be wary and pay attention to any food you are buying. As soon as you see one in your food container or bag, you have to dispose of it immediately to prevent a possible larger infestation from developing in your kitchen. 

Ways to Prevent Pests in Your Kitchen

Fortunately, just like other pests, there are ways to prevent pantry pests from being in your kitchen. It just takes some careful planning and being proactive to ensure that pests are kept away. 

Store Food Properly 

Store any food items properly by putting them in tightly sealed containers or bags. If you can, try and store them in the refrigerator or freezer as it can make it more difficult for pests to reach them instead of in the pantry or cupboards. 

Buy Foods In Small Quantities

You should aim to only buy food that you will use immediately and finish within a month or two. Buying foods in bulk can lead to some of them being unused for months upon months. This can lead to them becoming a potential spot for pests to start their infestation. 

Clean Up Areas Where You Store Food

One thing that pests love is any crumbs and liquids that are around other food items. That is why you have to keep any area that you store your food in clean. Any spilled items of food or liquids must be cleaned immediately to prevent any pests from congregating around them. Dealing with a small issue quickly can help prevent the development of a much bigger one. 

Inspect Any Food Items You Buy 

One of the first things you should do when purchasing food, or even before you purchase it, is inspect it for any potential warning signs of pests. Be on the lookout for any pests, holes in the food, and unsealed packages. These red flags can be indicators that a pest has managed to get inside that product. That can give them a free ride into your home, which means they will reach your kitchen. 

Get Rid Of Old/Unused Food Items 

Another way to prevent pests from being in your kitchen is by clearing out your food storage areas of any old, expired, and unused food items. Some of these food items might be infested with pests simply because they were forgotten and just left there. The quick and easy solution is to simply throw those products away and make room for new ones.

Inspect Pet Food That Is Stored In Your Pantry

Pet food, such as cat and dog food, is still food for pests. Make sure that your pet’s food isn’t infested with insects as they can contaminate the food. A solution to this is simply making sure that you seal up the pet food after you feed your pet. 

Pests see your kitchen as a glorious haven for food and water. That is why, as soon as they see a crumb or drop of liquid, they hurry to it and from there they may find other food sources. Be sure to keep your kitchen clean and your food items clear of any pests. 

Take Action Immediately

The best way to deal with any pests, including pantry pests, is by being proactive and taking immediate action. It can help you make sure that pests don’t get into your home, and more importantly, from reaching your food. Just make sure that no pests hitch a ride on the food you buy and keep your home clean. 

Check your kitchen and pantry to make sure you aren’t infested! If you see anything worrisome, call Meers Pest!



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