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It is absolutely necessary to identify the kind of animal causing damage before trying to eliminate the problem. We only recommend using our services for gopher, mole, vole, and ground squirrel control. Trapping methods differ for moles and gophers. You will find lots of information below to help you identify whether you have a mole or gopher problem or another type of burrowing pest problem. You can typically learn how to identify your pest by the surface damage it is creating.


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A Simple Guide To Burrowing Pests


Moles are ground-dwelling carnivores that will eat insects instead of your garden plants. Their underground tunnels can ruin your garden and lawn!

If you have an invasion of moles or similar pests, this could mean trouble. Soil rich in organic matter is where moles are usually found.


Gophers present a more severe problem than Moles, including the destruction of underground utility cables, water lines, sprinkler systems, and irrigation pipes. Gopher damage is most severe in the spring and fall when gophers are near the surface.

Gophers are active year-round but are primarily seen in the spring and fall when the soil has moisture; this helps with digging.

Prairie Dogs

Prairie dogs are mostly accused of damaging crops and pastures by eating or trimming. Prairie dogs’ burrows may create hazards and damage for livestock, people, or farm machinery.


This critter is often mistaken for a mouse! This is why the Vole is commonly called a field mouse or meadow mouse. Although related to mice, they have small ears, shorter tails and legs, a blunt nose, and stockier bodies.

Your plants and vegetables are the main course for these critters. They will use their burrows and make across your lawns.

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