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Mosquito Treatment Lubbock Texas

Mosquito control is very important because of the deadly diseases mosquitoes can pass on to humans, including the West Nile virus, Chikungunya disease, and St. Louis encephalitis. The integrated pest management (IPM) method along with proper treatment is the most effective way of lowering the risk, so make sure your family is protected from menacing mosquitoes.

The Meers Safeguard Mosquito Management Plan featuring Fortress Max will let you enjoy your yard. A Meers mosquito control technician will treat the area surrounding your home and yard, which results in a proven, trusted barrier of mosquito protection that kills mosquitoes for up to three weeks. For severe infestations, treatment can be done every 14 days during the peak periods of mosquito season.

Also, Meers Mosquito Management and Fortress Max are available for events such as weddings, picnics, concerts, family reunions, and other outdoor special events. Our special event spray and granules are applied prior to the event to ensure optimum protection for the big day. The treatments lasts for days, so this larger scale mosquito protection is an excellent choice for extended events and gatherings. We have multiple plans to fit your event needs and budget.

Active Pest Infestation Services

Do you have an active pest, rodent, or other wildlife situation that needs immediate attention? Give us a call or contact us, and we can give you a specialized quote tailored to your exact needs.

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The integrated pest management method of controlling mosquitoes is the most sustainable way of managing mosquitoes. The IPM approach use various tools for mosquito control that include:





These tools minimize economic, health, and environmental costs. IPM uses modern and complete information about the biology of mosquitoes and their interaction with the environment. As a result, controlling mosquitoes is accomplished using the most economical means while protecting your family, property, and the environment.

Meers Pest Solutions is the most reputable mosquito control company in Lubbock and the surrounding West Texas area. All of our technicians use the IPM method to control mosquitoes because we’re committed to protecting the environment.

Mosquito Facts

  • The mosquitoes that bite are females and they require a blood meal before they can lay their eggs and continue the mosquito cycle.
  • Female mosquitoes’ mouthparts form a long piercing-sucking proboscis. Males differ from females because they have feathery antennae and mouthparts not suitable for piercing skin.
  • A mosquito’s principal food is nectar or a similar sugar source.
  • Mosquitoes have a complete lifecycle from egg, larvae, pupae to adult. Adult female mosquitoes lay eggs in water, then the eggs become larvae, and live in the water until they pupate. Once they’re in the puepae stage, then the adult emerges.
  • The Mosquito lifecycle can be completed in about 1 week.


  • Destroy unnecessary containers that collect and hold water. Do not allow water to accumulate in the saucers of flowerpots, cemetery urns, or in the pet dishes for more than two days.
  • Clean debris from rain gutters and remove any standing water under or around structures, or on flat roofs. Eliminate leaks and puddles around faucets and air conditioner units that remain for several days.
  • Change the water in birdbaths and wading pools at least once a week and stock ornamental pools with top-feeding predacious minnows known as mosquito fish.
  • Fill or drain puddles, ditches, and swampy areas, and either remove, drain, or fill tree holes and stumps with mortar.
  • Eliminate seepage from cisterns, cesspools, and septic tanks.
  • Eliminate standing water around animal watering troughs and flush livestock water troughs twice a week.
  • Check for trapped water in plastic or canvas tarps used to cover boats, pools, and the like, then arrange the tarp so water will spill off.
  • Check around construction or do-it-yourself improvements to ensure that proper backfilling and grading will prevent drainage problems.
  • Irrigate lawns and gardens carefully to prevent water from standing for several days.

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