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Tips Anyone Can Do To Lessen Nighttime Bugs

Don’t end a fun gathering because you have bugs bothering guests in your backyard. Invest time and money into keeping those nighttime pests away! Below are common nighttime pests and non-toxic tips to get rid of them.

Bothersome Nighttime Pests

Nighttime pests come in all different types and sizes. They can range from mosquitoes to even centipedes! These pests can ruin an occasion in many different ways. They can start nipping at you and your guests, land and contaminate your food, and simply just scare your guests away. That is why it is important to identify those pests to know which methods to use to keep them away. Some of the most common and bothersome nighttime pests are: 


One of the most common nighttime pests you’ve likely encountered at night are mosquitoes. Mosquitoes typically come out to feed on people at night, which is usually the time you are having a cookout with your friends and family. They see all of you as potential sources of food and any lights are attracting them to you. It doesn’t help if you also have some damp areas filled with water nearby as they are breeding grounds for mosquitoes.


Moths are another common nighttime pest that you likely have seen on numerous occasions. They tend to scare people away as some of them get to quite big sizes, in insect terms of course. Moths typically come out at night to pollinate certain plants and look for potential mates. They typically are attracted to light and any light you have on will likely attract them. 


Centipedes might be a nighttime pest you don’t even know you have until you stay up late at night. The reason for this is because centipedes are nocturnal hunters that only work during the night. This means when you see them, they are on the prowl for other insects and arachnids. Fortunately, centipedes won’t usually go out of their way to disturb you. It’s when you see them in bigger numbers that they become a problem. 


You know that sound you hear when you go outside at night that sounds a bit like a chirp? Yeah, that is more than likely the sound of crickets calling to each other. Crickets can become quite a nuisance if they all start calling to each other at the same time in large numbers. The sound will likely become unbearable if you are near them when they are doing this. 

Beetles (June bug) 

One of the most common nighttime bugs that you’ve likely seen are beetles and more specifically June bugs. June bugs are reddish-brown ground beetles that are attracted to light. They are called June bugs because they are more commonly seen around the summertime months than other times of the year. The frequent bumping sounds you may hear close to your windows are likely June bugs flying around the light and bumping into anything nearby.

These nighttime pests can be quite troublesome which is why you may be inclined to find ways to get rid of them. If you do decide to get rid of them, make sure to first try out some non-toxic ways to keep them away. 

Non-Toxic Ways to Keep These Pests Away 

Just like other pest treatments, there are non-toxic ways to keep nighttime pests away. These non-toxic ways can come in handy if you aren’t looking to use pesticides. Be sure to look for non-toxic pest treatments before trying more toxic forms of pest control. Some of the non-toxic ways that you can use to keep pests away are:

Implementing Pest Repellant Candles 

Candles that are infused with citronella are a tested form of pest control that has been proven to work to keep pests away. Simply place them in any area that you are planning to be at and let the candle work its magic. It can keep nighttime pests, like mosquitos, away from you and your friends while having a cookout or any other nighttime activity. 

Remove Standing Water

Standing water around your property is a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water which will then hatch with larvae coming out of them. This can lead to an infestation to develop. To prevent this, be sure to remove any standing water around your property.

Use Artificial Grass

One of the costlier ways to go about keeping pests away is replacing grass with an artificial alternative such as turf. This can keep certain ground-based pests further away from you if you plan on spending the majority of your nights outside. 

Peppermint Scent

Applying a peppermint scent to something such as a cotton ball can help keep pests away. One of those pests, spiders, are a bit adverse to the smell of peppermint and will try to stay away from it. 

Apply a Vinegar Scent 

Vinegar is another proven pest repellant that is safe to use and easy to apply. A great way to use vinegar is by mixing it with water in a spray bottle. From there, all you need to do is spray the scent at any problem areas that won’t be damaged from the acidic vinegar. 

Invest in a Fan

A simple fan may be all you need to keep those pesky nighttime pests away. The strong gust of wind generated by those fans will be quite a nuisance to those flying insects and make it difficult for them to get close enough to disturb you. 

Nighttime Bugs Can Be Treated

Nighttime pests are an annoying nuisance that can, fortunately, be treated pretty easily. There are many non-toxic ways out there to keep them away from you. If they turn out to be a problem though, then feel free to reach out to Meers Pest and we will gladly help you! 



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