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Why You Should Get a New Home Pest Inspection

Routine home care is a must in order to keep your home in good condition. When it comes to home care, you may just do some cleaning around your home, make sure everything is in place, and that is pretty much it. One crucial part of maintaining your home is a home pest inspection. This is also especially important for a new home.

Pests are a real and very damaging problem to your home. Mice can leave fecal matter all over your floor and other surfaces. Termites can damage your house’s structure. That is why a home pest inspection is very important even if you don’t think you have pests living in your home. 

What is a Standard Home Inspection?

A stand home inspection is exactly what it sounds like. It is an inspection of your home from top to bottom. This inspection is done to see if there are any pests that may pose harm to you or damage your home. The inspection is thorough to ensure that every part of your home is inspected for pests. Some things pest technicians will be on the lookout for are:

Water and Puddles

Any sort of water leaks and puddles in and around your home is a paradise for pests as the dampness they provide is a haven for them. If there is a leak beneath your sink, chances are that pests will congregate around it. Some of them, such as mosquitos, will use it as a breeding ground, so best to get that leak fixed! 

Stacked Wood

Stacked wood that is inside or outside your home can harbor pests that may be hiding out in them. Pests such as spiders, ants, and termites tend to hide in any stacked wood whether it is firewood or any other wood. Be sure to clear this debris inside and outside your house, unless you want pests to inhabit them.

Any Openings

Any openings inside and around your home can potentially harbor some pests and may even be an entrance for which they enter your home. If you can, try and seal up any openings into your home to keep pests out.

Damage to Areas of Home

Any damage to your home internally or externally is always a cause for concern as there can be many different causes for it. One of these causes is pests, mainly termites, as they are known to bore through the wood in homes. That can be a dangerous and expensive issue to address as any damage to the foundation of the house will likely cost a decent amount to fix. 

Pest Droppings

Droppings from pests such as mice can be harmful to people as they can cause diseases and allergies to flare up. Not only can they cause allergy flare-ups, but they can also lead to contamination of shelves, tables, and other areas of your home.

Mud Tubes

Seeing a mud tube around your home is a big red flag when it comes to the pest inspection. A mud tube is usually an indication that termites are on your property. They can cause some serious damage to your home which can be a costly problem for you. 

Once the home pest inspection is fully conducted, then the pest technicians will identify the pests that are giving you problems as well as the method to treat them. They will tell you details about what was found in the inspection to ensure that you are informed and prepared for the upcoming treatment. 

Why You Need to Inspect Your New Home

You may think that inspecting a new home that you just moved into is a waste of time and money. That is where you are wrong. Inspecting your new home is one of the first routine home care steps you should take when you move in. A home inspection of your new home can:

Find Pests That Are Already On The Property

Ideally, your home should not have any pests in it, but there may be a case where they are living in it before you move in. It’s best to get a home inspection to identify these intruders before they can cause any major problems to you and your family. 

Identify Pests That You Can’t Immediately See

Certain pests such as termites tend to live underground or inside the walls of your home. If you don’t conduct a proper home pest inspection, you might be putting your home in danger. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your new home. 

Be A Form of Preventative Care

A home inspection can identify any potential pests harboring items and areas. It can also help you identify any sort of vulnerabilities inside and outside of your home. Even if there are no pests detected, it helps to know about these findings as they can help you take the proactive steps necessary to ensure the pests don’t enter your home. 

A home pest inspection isn’t technically required, but it is definitely something you should strongly consider when it comes to your new home. Your home should be safe and free from pests as you and your family will be living in it. Imagine finding spiders crawling around your floor late at night. Not the best image, right? 

Termite Infestations are Silent Destroyers

Of all the pests that are out there, termites are some of the most destructive. The reason they are so destructive is that you might not even notice or detect them until they’ve caused some serious damage to your home. 

Termites can eat through your wood, flooring, and drywall quietly hence why they are called silent destroyers. You can be going about your business and not even notice that your drywall and flooring are being chewed away. A termite infestation can cause some serious damage in a short period of time if left untreated. 

A home pest inspection is a must to ensure a smooth transfer into your new home. Be sure to get that home inspection done when buying a new home as it can save you money and headaches in the long run. 



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