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Ongoing Pest Control Services You Need

To truly manage and control pests in and around your home, you need to have routine and ongoing visits with pest control services. People may think that all that is needed to resolve their pest problem is one pest control visit. That is not how pest control works. Pests require follow-up visits to keep them under control. Fortunately for homeowners, there are many services available to address all their pest needs. The question is, what ongoing pest control services do you need?

What Services Do You Need?

Pest problems cannot be resolved using the same treatments. That is why there are different options when it comes to services you may need for your pest problem. Whatever the pest problem, there is almost always a solution for it. Here are some pest services you may need for handling your pest problem. 

Annual Pest Audit

An annual pest audit is necessary to keep your home and outside as pest-free as possible. A pest audit usually consists of a pest control member coming to your home. From there, they will evaluate your pest control needs, both inside and outside. They will be looking for foliage, insects, and rodents as well as areas that may look appealing to pests. Once the audit is complete, the pest service professional will meet with the homeowner and discuss a customized pest control plan to address any current pest issues as well as prevent future ones.

Interior Treatment Application

Interior treatment application consists of a pest technician coming into your home and applying the pest control solution that you require. That is why it is important to have a pest audit before a pest technician comes to your home. The audit will help the pest technician know what sort of pest problem you have so that they know what pesticide or other products they may need to use when conducting treatment. Interior treatments aren’t the only pest services that pest companies provide.

Exterior Treatment Applications

There is also an exterior treatment application. In this case, instead of going inside the house, the pest technician will apply the treatment outside. To be more specific, the exterior treatment will be applied to the immediate area that is right outside of your house. This can potentially get rid of any pests harboring among your walls. They will do whatever they can to make sure that the exterior of your home is as pest-free as it can be.

Yard Treatment Applications

Another pest treatment application is a yard treatment application. This requires the pest control technician to apply the treatment to the homeowner’s yard. This will result in the management and control of the pests on the property. The difference between an exterior treatment application versus a yard treatment is that the exterior treatment is applied in the immediate area right outside of the house. The yard treatment is, of course, only applied to the yard. This could be the front yard, backyard, or both. 

Termite Control

Termites are a frequently cited pest when it comes to pest control. That is why there is a pest treatment that specifically targets termites. Termite control requires a more unique approach to handle them. A termite inspection must be done before any type of management and treatment begins. This inspection will look to determine if your termite problem is one that requires spot prevention or entire home prevention. There is also control prevention to limit the number of termites that are already in your home. After the inspection is completed, the treatment process will begin.

Using the Sentricon System, you can control and manage your termite problems. The Sentricon System controls colonies and prevents new ones from forming. The system stays in its same place and will even detect if another termite colony decides to move-in. Termite control is an absolute must if you live in an area that is prone to termites, and if you want to ensure they don’t infest your home. 

These pest control services are essential in keeping your home as pest-free as possible. They should be conducted annually, and some of them should even be conducted year-round if a pest problem is serious enough that it requires immediate attention from a pest control expert.  

Protect Your Home

Pest control services are meant to protect your home and ensure the safety of your family and friends who visit your home. That is why there are many pest control services that you have to take advantage of. There are all types of pest treatments out there so that way you can feel safe knowing that there is a solution for your problem. 

Pests shouldn’t be allowed to dictate how you live your life. You should be able to live in your home without the worry of encountering any pests, especially the pests who pose an immediate health risk. Gain immediate control against the pests and seek out a pest expert. 

A pest expert, like us here at Meers Pest Solutions, will be able to help you determine what kind of pest problem you have, how to plan for treatment and conduct the treatment. This will be done in the most efficient and professional manner to give you, the homeowner, peace of mind. 

Ongoing pest control services for your home is one of the most important things you must be aware of as a homeowner. Along with routine maintenance to your home, you must make sure that no pests are living in your home or anywhere else on your property. Start taking control of the pest problem today, so that way you can avoid a potentially bigger pest problem in the future. 



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