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The Most Common Reasons Why You Have Pests

When you start noticing pests around your property, you probably do what most people do when handling pests. You go and buy a pesticide to take care of the pest, or you just take care of the pest right then and there. This is just a temporary solution though. You can get rid of the pests, but if they keep reappearing, then you might have a bigger problem on your hands. You have to find out why you have pests in your home so you can determine what actions to take to treat the problem. Without knowing why they keep appearing in your home, pests will continue to live among you and your family. 

Why Do You Have Pests?

Every time you see a pest in your home, you might ask yourself, “Why are they in here?” The answer is actually pretty simple. Pests, like us, are always trying to seek shelter in a place that is safe against the natural elements and is still able to provide them with food. Your home is the ideal place for them.

Your home is more than likely a nice cozy place for you and your family. Pests will do anything they can to try and get inside your home. That is why you have to make sure that you do anything to try and prevent them from coming in. To be better prepared to handle this, you have to know the reasons why there are pests in your homes. 

Common Reasons for Pests in Homes

We always try to keep our homes as free from pests as possible. Alas, pests always seem to find their way inside of our homes. There are many different reasons why they are inside. Here are some common reasons why you have pests in your home. 


If your home has a lot of clutter, pests will find a place to hide in it. Even if you get rid of a couple of pests, there may be a lot more hiding in your clutter. If you have any sort of clutter that’s gathered inside and around your house, then make sure to clean it up to prevent pests from hiding out in them. 

Branches and Shrubs That Are Close To Your Home

Having any sort of branch or shrub that can reach your home just enough to come in contact with it can be a reason why you have pests in your home. Branches are sort of like a bridge or ladder that pests can use to get inside of your home.  Shrubs act essentially in the same way. The simple solution to this is to make sure shrubs aren’t close to your home and that your branches are trimmed. This can stop pests from coming inside your house.

Open Crawl Space

Having any openings in your crawl space can bring in moisture and pests into your home. Pests love the shelter it provides as well the damp moist environment. Take the time to ensure there are no openings in your crawl space and if there are, then make sure to get them closed as soon as you can.

Storing Items Against Your House

We all have a tendency of storing items and placing them against the sides of our homes. That is probably one of the reasons why you have pests in your home. Any items, such as stacked wood, can be a hiding place for many pests. These pests can then try to get inside your home by going through your walls while using the items they are hiding in as cover. 

Crumbs or Food on the Ground or Floor

Having any sort of food and crumbs lying on the floor or ground is bound to attract pests. That is why it is important to clean up after yourself and ensure you keep areas in and around your home clean. Doing so can decrease the number of pests coming to that area of your home.

Humidity and Damp Areas

Pests love any areas that are humid and damp. Make sure to check any areas that can potentially become damp and moist as pests can harbor in them. Pest love areas that are humid and have moisture as they need water, just like we do. Some pests absorb water through their bodies which is why they seek very damp areas.

Insufficient Lighting

Pests are rather shy creatures and will actively do anything they can to avoid you. That is why they like hiding in dark places where you will most likely not disturb them. If your home has insufficient lighting, then pests may see those low lit places as a good place to hide. Make sure you have proper lighting in and around your home. 

Damaged Door and Window Screens

Door and window screens are meant to keep things from coming in through them. If they are broken or torn, then that means pests can easily crawl in through them to get inside your home. Take a walk around your house and check all your door and window screens to ensure that they are in good or okay condition. If they are not, you should have them replaced or repaired

These are some of the most common reasons that pests are in your home. If you look at any items on the list and you think that you might be vulnerable to pests, take the correct action and address them as soon as you can. 

Take Care of Your Home

Taking care of your home is always a top priority, especially if you want to keep pests out. Pests can cause all sorts of problems once inside your home. They can transmit all sorts of diseases, and they can even damage your home. No one likes to see urine and feces all over their floor or cabinets, especially if they have the potential to harm you. 

Take action and make sure your home is as pest-proof as it can be. If you already have pests and tried to treat them, but to no avail, then you should seek some expert help. Here at Meers Pest Solutions, we offer residential services to our clients. Contact us here so we can get started in helping you with your pest problem. 



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