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Most Common Types Of Spiders In Homes

Oh, spiders. They are a common pest that people have developed a phobia of because of their appearance. Whether due to their frightening appearance or the threat they pose depending on the species, spiders have developed a pretty fearsome reputation. Therefore, if someone comes across a spider in their home, they might be conflicted on how to get rid of it. This is where it helps to identify the type of spider in your home.

Spiders come in many different shapes, sizes, and the risk they pose. Some spiders prefer to hunt on the ground, while others build webs hoping that prey comes to them. Whatever the case, there are many different types of spiders, but not all of them get inside of your home. It is helpful to know the different types of spiders that might be invading your home to determine the next course of action.    

Spiders: Misunderstood

In contrast to their frightening appearance, spiders are beneficial to the environment. They help keep specific insect populations down, which, in turn, can help stop certain insects from making their way into your home. This means common house pests such as ants and cockroaches might be kept in check, even during their more active months. The issue with spiders arises when they’re inside of your home. 

When spiders are in your home, they try to avoid you if they can. Spiders are afraid of you since you are, of course, much bigger than they are. It’s kind of like how we’re scared of anything much bigger than us, like elephants since they can trample us to death. In this case, the spider is a human, and we are the elephants. The thing is though, that some spiders can really harm us if they bite. 

Types of Spiders

There are different types of spiders in the world. Some of them are more frequently seen in homes than others. Unfortunately, some of them are also venomous, and depending on the species, you might need to seek medical attention as soon as your can. Listed below are some of the spiders you’ll likely see at one point or another inside of your home. 

Wolf Spider: The wolf spider is one of the faster spiders in the world. They have an intimidating appearance as they have an abundance of what seems like hair on their bodies. One of the things they are most known for is that they carry egg sacs on their backs until they hatch. To some people, this is the most horrifying sight that they can see. Wolf spiders also carry young spiderlings on their back as well. Fortunately, wolf spiders don’t provide much harm to people as they hunt insects and try to avoid us most of the time. Although they do possess some venom, it isn’t harmful to people. The bite may hurt, but medical attention is usually not required.  

Brown Recluse: The brown recluse spider is a particular spider that people in Texas are familiar with, and they have a fearsome reputation for a good reason. It’s because the brown recluse possesses a venom that can cause severe damage once it is inside of a person. Rather than just causing an itch, a brown recluse bite, if left untreated, can cause the tissue surrounding the bite area to necrotize and die. If left untreated, it can lead to a loss of a limb or even death. So if you notice brown recluses inside of your home, then be sure to be careful of them and contact a pest expert to help address the problem. 

Black Widow: The black widow is another spider known for its venomous bite. Just like the brown recluse, black widows have a fearsome reputation as being able to kill humans. This may be the case, but the chances of a black widow spider biting are meager. Compared to other spiders who move around, like the wolf spider, a black widow prefers to stay at its web as it acts as a home. Thus, it waits for prey to come to it, which it then bites to liquefy its innards. Although black widow venom contains a neurotoxin that can be very harmful to certain individuals, it is rarely dangerous, and most bites cause severe pain at worst. 

Daddy Longlegs: Daddy longlegs are another frequently encountered type of spider that is immediately recognizable because of their long and thin legs. They tend to be more small-bodied and are usually found in the corners of homes. Fortunately, although their appearance may be unsettling to some, they don’t provide any harm to humans. Think of it just like a small unwanted guest crashing at your place. 

American House Spider: Quite possibly the most frequent spider you encounter in your home, the American house spider is one of the most beneficial spiders to have in your house. They tackle any insect pests in your home which means you might see less common house pests roaming about such as ants and flies. They might scare some people who are afraid of spiders, but they are otherwise a beneficial presence in your home. The problem may arise if there are many of them inhabiting your house in which the chances of you getting bitten is increased. The bite, although not dangerous, is compared to the pain of a bee sting.

If you have a potential spider problem in your home, try and see what type of spider is causing the issue. If they aren’t dangerous, you may wish just to do some of your own pest control with some store-bought goods. If you have something like a brown recluse infestation in your home, you should contact your local pest control specialist. Here at Meers Pest solutions, we are experts in helping you address any problems you may have with any pests, and that includes spiders as well. Contact us here if you need help identifying a pest and treating it. 



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