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Commercial vs Residential Pest Control

Pest control tends to vary depending on whether you need commercial services or residential services. Let’s take a deeper look at both services.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial pest control services are aimed at treating industries such as hospitals, warehouses, office buildings, restaurants, retail stores, etc. A significant difference in commercial pest services is timing. Businesses can’t operate when they’re shut down for pest issues. Therefore, these services will have quicker turnaround times for minimal disruption to the workplace.

Companies that offer commercial pest control services are typically more experienced with specific environments and variations in pest issues since the properties are in a variety of industries and may even include vacancies. As for residential services, they see similar issues as they are the same property type.

Some pest control companies that offer commercial services might even specialize in one aspect of it. At Meers Pest Solutions, we specialize in industrial pest control/management in food warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and feed and grain bins. Our fumigation division, Great Plains Chemicals & Fumigation, handles industrial, food safety, grain storage, import/export, milling, seed, and agriculture.

If you need commercial pest control services, make sure you choose a company with proper experience to keep your business and employees safe from any potential health risks. 

Residential Pest Control Services

As we touched on earlier, residential pest control services don’t vary as much as technicians often see similar pest problems from home to home. The main concerns with residential pest infestations are the health and safety of the family as well as protecting the property from further damage. We utilize the Integrated Pest Management system as part of the total protection process.

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Commercial and residential pest control services are both aiming to treat and manage pests on a property. The differences in services come down to pest variety, property size, environment, preventative measures, and cost. Both pest control services are important, so make sure you choose the company you trust to protect your property!

Commercial Approach


The first step in a commercial approach is inspection. The commercial pest control service will survey the site based on what type of property it is. They will look for any potential pests and try to find out why they are there. This means being on the lookout for places that they are harboring in, or getting in, which can be many different places depending on the property.


The next step is the evaluation stage. This stage is where the pest control experts will start planning out a pest management program for the property based on what type of property it is, and what was found. 


Once everything is planned out, and the property is all set and ready for treatment, then the treatment process will begin. Treatment will follow the pest management program that was created in the evaluation stage.

Follow Up

After the treatment, there is usually a follow up to determine how much more, if any, treatment is needed. For commercial properties, this may require adjustments during the week to accommodate the treatment time.

Future Check-Ins

Once the treatment is complete, commercial pest control services will continue working with their clients to ensure that the pests are managed. This will include documentation of the various stages such as where the pest harboring sites were located on the property. This can also be where the pest control service educates the property owners on how to prevent pests from coming in or infesting the workplace. From there, it is recommended that they share that new knowledge with their employees to make sure that the workplace can stay pest-free.

Residential Approach 


Just like the commercial approach, the residential approach begins with an inspection. Unlike a commercial pest control service, this will always be an inspection of a home. This means that the pest control experts will look for any potential harboring sites within the home, such as the closet or bed, and take note of those locations.


In the evaluation stage, the residential pest control service will create a pest management program. They will also let the homeowners know what type of pest control pesticides will be used, as well as the procedures they will follow during treatment. This can sometimes require the homeowners to be out of their homes during treatment and moving things around the home, depending on the severity of the problem.


Next, of course, is the treatment of the home. The pest control service will enter the home and start treating the potential pest harboring sites with pesticides or start setting the traps. This treatment will follow the pest management program created for the home. 


The residential pest control service will usually follow-up with the homeowners to determine how much more treatment may be needed. This can be followed up by educating the homeowner about how they can prevent pests from infesting or coming into their homes to reduce the chances of this issue recurring in the future. 


Commercial and residential pest control services do differ from each other, but they both have the same goal of ridding their clients’ properties of pests and managing them. Knowing the differences between the two is helpful for the client so that they know both pest control options are available.



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