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Types of Bug Bites

Bug bites are something that a lot of people are afraid of getting. That’s because the severity of the bite can vary depending on the bug that did the bite. It doesn’t help that bites are something that you usually feel, and are almost always painful. It helps to know what bug did bite you to determine whether it is something that you can treat at home or something that requires prompt medical attention. 

Why Do Bug Bites Happen?

Bug bites usually happen whenever people don’t know that a bug is around or on them. Usually, a bug will only bite when it feels threatened, so when they do bite us, it is understandable considering we are hundreds of times bigger than they are. That’s the equivalent of us feeling threatened by an elephant. Just not a good feeling at all.

Before a bug bites you, they tend to give off a sort of defensive warning. For example, tarantulas, (please avoid getting bitten), will rear their fangs along with their front legs. This is meant as sort of a warning saying, “Look human, back up NOW.” If you don’t heed said warning, then you likely will end up with a painful bite which, from a tarantula, can be pretty scary.

That said, not all bugs will give you a warning before they bite you. For example, wasps and hornets are notorious for stinging you before giving you a warning that you can see. Simply wandering close to a hive that isn’t even in sight is more than enough for a wasp to get angry and sting you. Let me tell you, those stings HURT! 

Bug bites can happen when you least expect it so just be aware of your surroundings and make sure to pay attention to any warning signs they give you. 

What Are Some Types of Bug Bites?

Of course, there are many different types of bug bites because there are different types of bugs. It is important to know what type of bug bite you have to help you in the case of an emergency. 

Here are some of the more common types of bug bites:


Oh, bedbugs. So tiny, yet so destructive. Bedbugs are something that many homeowners fear discovering in their property. This is because they are difficult to treat on their own, and they happen to bite people as a source of food. While not as painful as other bug bites such as a bee or spider bite, they can still do some damage. If you are allergic to a bite from one of these little buggers, then you can develop a serious reaction to it. 

So, how do you identify a bed bug bite? Well, a bedbug will leave you with a small red mark on your skin that is itchy. If it feels worse than an itch, you may be developing an allergic reaction to it, which means you may need to receive medical attention. 


Itsy bitsy spider…..yeah spiders can be a bit scary! Due in part to their appearance, many people have developed a disdain for spiders across the world. Not only is their appearance terrifying to some, but their bites can also spell a world of pain, especially venomous ones. You see, although spiders do have a startling appearance, very few of them are venomous enough to cause serious harm to you. For example, the wolf spider is disturbing to many people, but they don’t have a venomous bite. Yes, it may sting, but it likely won’t cause any significant long-term damage…

Brown recluses, on the other hand, are a particularly nasty species of spider that can inflict more than just a painful bite. While some spiders will leave you with a bump, a brown recluse can cause the tissue surrounding the bite to necrotize and die. If left untreated, the bite can be fatal. Be aware of the spiders that are around you to determine if the bite can be dangerous. 

Bees and Wasps

Good old bees and wasps. Bees, in particular honeybees, are important to our ecosystem as they are crucial pollinators for many plants. This is why it is important to relocate them rather than exterminate them. 

Their stings though, especially to people allergic to them, can be quite the pain. People with an allergic reaction to them will usually need some sort of medical intervention, such as an Epipen. Fortunately, bees only sting once and leave their stinger in you, which is what happens to cause the pain. Usually, the area of the bee sting will have a red bump with some white surrounding it. Always ensure you remove the stinger to help alleviate the pain. Wasps on the other hand….

Well, wasps can sting any amount of times that they’d like! That’s because, unlike bees, wasps don’t detach their stingers. This means you can easily be stung over a hundred times if a swarm of them decides that you are a threat to them. Always be on the lookout for bees and wasps. 


Mosquitoes are a terrible pest since it looks like all they do is bite people and animals to suck blood. Mosquito bites are easy to identify as it looks like a slightly raised rash that appears on your skin. It will likely be itchy as well. An important thing to keep in mind is that mosquitoes can transmit various dangerous viruses from person to person, such as Malaria. If you are bitten by a mosquito and notice an onset of symptoms other than a rash, you might want to seek a professional for help. 


Ticks are a particularly nasty pest that, just like mosquitoes, feast on the blood of animals, and when given the opportunity, feast on humans. Everyone knows how a tick swells up with blood from the animal or human it decided to latch on. Most tick bites, fortunately, are just that: a tick bite. People will usually see a rash and possibly some swelling in the bite area. 

Though some ticks transmit diseases to you as well. If you notice a bull’s eye spot developing on the bite area, you may be experiencing the beginnings of Lyme disease. Another type of tick, the lone star tick, can transmit allergic reactions that will make you sort of averse to red meat. 


Fleas can have a habit of latching on to your pets and then latching onto you as a result. With flea bites, you will notice some small red bumps on your skin that may be itchy. Scratching them may lead to an infection, so avoid doing so when treating them. 

Bug bites although small, can bring all sorts of nasty diseases with them. Whether they cause an allergic reaction, to even causing a possible fatality, they are something you’d rather not get. 

If you have a pest that is bugging you, feel free to contact us here and we will help you in the best way we can! We create pest solutions before the problem arises! We’ll put a plan of action together to prevent these bugs from lurking!



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