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Pest Damage In Your Home

Anytime someone mentions a pest, the most likely image that comes up is one that annoys you by biting you or simply being a nuisance. Pests come in all shapes and sizes and love to ruin outings with family and friends. What also happens with pests is that they can also infiltrate your home and cause damage to it. 

Pests wreck havoc across homes across the world. They all cause different types of damage depending on the pest. Some may cause an infestation in your home while others can cause damage to the foundation of your home. Be on the lookout for pests in your home as it can signify a possible problem that you may need to address.

Pests That Cause Damage

All types of pests can cause damage to your home. Some of them fly, some of them tend to keep low to the ground. It doesn’t matter though as they all find ways to cause some damage, whether that be to your home or you. To help protect you and your home from these pests, listed below are some of the most common pests that cause damage. 

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are a cause for concern for homes because they lock to build their nests inside the wood, especially dead or damp ones. They excavate wood and don’t chew it. Rather, they leave behind a sawdust-like substance. Because the number of carpenter ants may vary, you may have a small problem you can quickly resolve or a big one that may be expensive to address.


Termites are another common pest that people like to be aware of simply because of the potential expenses associated with finding an infestation. Termites, unlike carpenter ants, actually eat wood. This means they can cause all sorts of infrastructure damage to the foundation of a home. It doesn’t help when there seems to always be a colony of them whenever one is found. 

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny pests that can be hard to spot with the naked eye. Although small, they can cause harm to your family from their droppings as well as their bites. If you notice red small marks randomly appearing on your body or rust-colored stains on your bed, you may have a bed bug infestation brewing in your home. Some people may have an allergic response to bed bug droppings which is all the more reason to watch out for them. 


Rats are a notorious household pest that can cause damage to your home and may harm people as well. They are quick and can be difficult to catch which makes them all the more frustrating to treat. They like to chew, which means they enjoy biting wiring on your electronics and chewing on your furniture. They are also known to leave droppings, which can cause an allergic reaction, and possibly bite and scratch humans. Their bites and scratches in particular can spread diseases such as salmonella and Hantavirus. 


Spiders that live in your home can potentially harm you and your family. The common house spider might just be a nuisance that can terrify people who have arachnophobia, but more venomous ones, such as the brown recluse can be potentially dangerous, even fatal, without prompt medical treatment. If you live in an area that is prone to spiders, pay careful attention to any critters that you may see wandering around your home. 


Cockroaches are a common pest that just about everyone has seen or experienced at some point in their lives. Cockroaches may not be an immediate danger, but the sheer number of them that infest a home can. Other than just being filthy creatures, cockroaches can cause allergic reactions to certain individuals and are known to carry diseases. Another startling thing is that they have an odor to them, which can be revolting the bigger their numbers are. 


Squirrels are, to many people, adorable rodents who are quick and agile. Although they may seem cute at first, if they decide to go inside your home, then be prepared to deal with the problem. Squirrels like to chew through wood, wiring, and insulation inside of homes. You may also experience a less restful sleep because of the noises they make within your walls. Once inside your home, you can try to remove them by taking away their food sources so they can eventually leave your home. In most cases though, it is better to get an experienced professional who can trap and relocate the squirrel away from your home. 

Many different types of pests can cause damage in your home in different ways. Some of them can cause damage to the infrastructure of your home, while others present a more physical threat to you and your family. No matter what, these pests need to be treated before they can cause more damage. 

Take Pests In Your Home Seriously

Unfortunately, not everyone takes pest damage in their homes seriously. This leads to infestations developing, homes taken a lot of damage, and people getting harmed from exposure to those pests. When you see pests roaming inside of your home, first identify them and then see how many of them are there. From there, you can get a better idea of how big or small your problem is. No matter what size it is, take the necessary precautions before that pest problem gets out of control. 

Here at Meers Pest Solutions, our pest technicians are trained and certified to handle different pest situations. If you have a pest problem that needs to be addressed, then contact us here to get started. 



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