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Winter Lawn Care Tips

During the winter months, you might not be thinking about taking care of your lawn. It is cold outside and people are likely not using their lawn for activities. However, it is important to make sure that your lawn is well taken care of and healthy all throughout the year, including during the winter.  

There are many benefits to taking care of your lawn during the winter months. These benefits include a healthy lawn year-round and reducing the likelihood of pests settling in. Neglecting your lawn during the winter is something that you should think about changing. 

Harsh Weather Conditions That Can Affect Your Lawn

When winter comes around, it tends to bring with it some harsh weather conditions that can negatively affect your lawn. From snowstorms to freezing conditions, your lawn can really feel the impact of the cold season. 

Cold Temperatures

The cold temperatures that winter brings can affect your grass in different ways. Sometimes, your grass may appear dead, but it is just frozen and will thaw out once spring comes around. Unfortunately, not all grass will survive the cold temperatures. Some grass will die out just because they aren’t receiving enough moisture due to the freezing temperatures. 

Icy Conditions

There will be times during the winter season where freezing temperatures lead to development of ice everywhere. This includes your home and lawn. Ice that forms on your lawn can be quite the nuisance especially if you are performing winter lawn care. The ice that is all over your lawn can damage your lawn care tools like a lawnmower. The ice can make it more likely that the blade on the lawn mower will break. That can be quite the annoying problem. 

On and Off Conditions

During certain periods in winter, there are times where the cold temperatures will fluctuate. One day it might be freezing, but the next day might just be a cold one. These conditions can affect your lawn in a negative way. When your plants start thawing during a less cold day, the water will hydrate them. If freezing temperatures follow that cold day though, it can lead to ice forming inside of your plants. This can lead to them losing their moisture and drying out. 

Winter Lawn Care Tips

The winter shouldn’t be something to take lightly especially if you are looking to take care of your lawn during the season. There are many factors that can impact your lawn making it more difficult to take care of. Fortunately, there are tips that you can use to make taking care of your lawn during the winter a smoother process.

Begin Mowing Before Winter is Here

An easy way you can go about preparing for winter lawn care is by starting before winter begins. This means mowing your lawn when temperatures start dropping consistently. Keep mowing your grass until it is short enough to not attract pests such as rodents, and to not make it vulnerable during the winter. The longer your grass is, the more vulnerable it is to cold and freezing temperatures. 

Remove Weeds On Your Lawn

Weeds tend to grow a lot during the spring and summer weather and can stick around for a while. This can include them still appearing on your lawn during the winter. A good way to handle any weeds during the winter is by mowing over them or using a herbicide that only targets them. This can ensure that your lawn looks healthy year-round and not just during the spring and summer. 

Clean Up Your Lawn

Simply cleaning up your lawn during the winter can help keep your lawn nice and healthy. Stepping on your grass or leaving any debris on it can squash it and eventually lead to its death. Debris can also be very inviting to pests who are seeking refuge from the colder temperatures. Don’t invite them on your lawn leaving behind any garbage or debris. 

Raking Leaves 

Raking leaves may seem like something you do only during the fall, but it is just as important during the winter. Some leaves might still be on your lawn after fall has ended, which can present a problem. Any leaves that are left on your lawn can develop mold which can have negative consequences to your lawn’s health. So get that rake and start raking up those leaves! 

Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn is an important part of lawn care and should be performed in the fall, right before winter begins. Aerating your lawn during the fall will help your lawn breathe, which can minimize the amount of thatch that builds up. Thatch makes your lawn more vulnerable to diseases and insects, which are two things you’d rather avoid not having on your lawn. 

Winter lawn care can give your lawn a headstart for the spring season. It can also help make sure your lawn doesn’t suffer too much from the cold and freezing temperatures. It can help keep pests away and off your lawn as well. 

How a Healthy Lawn Year-Round Can Prevent Pests

Having a healthy lawn year-round can help prevent pests from settling on your lawn. For example, keeping your grass short in the winter can keep pests such as mice from settling in it. When mice settle in your grass, they can start breeding which can be a big problem for both your lawn and home. 

A nice and healthy-looking lawn is less appealing to pests than a neglected-looking lawn. Make sure that you are taking care of your lawn year-round so that way it looks good and keeps pests away. 

Winter Lawn Care Is Important

Winter lawn care shouldn’t be put off simply because it is cold. Taking care of your lawn during winter is just as important as taking care of it during the summer. If you want your lawn to be healthy year-round and free from pests, then be sure to do some winter lawn care. 
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